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The IP address 192.168.l.l can be used to improve the security of your home network because it gives you access to your router settings via a web-based utility. is a private IP address is that they can not make your computer recognizable outside your home or office network (or on the Internet). But you can use the router's public IP address to connect to a router from outside the home network.

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Counterfeiting: a dismantled two imams arrested

99 people, including two imams were arrested in Spain and Portugal after the dismantling of a of counterfeiting. Million were seized .

It is the largest of counterfeit clothing ever dismantled in Spain . 99 people, including two imams were arrested , announced Saturday, December 28 the Spanish government. Counterfeiting have reported members € 5.5 million by allowing them to sell 235 tons of clothing and footwear with false claws for the past two years, the government said .

The produced counterfeit clothing in illegal factories in the north of Portugal and then shipped by truck across the border to Xinzo Limia ( northwest ), a city of 100,000 where the had its headquarters , said the ministry statement Spanish Interior . " The of Moroccan origin , had regional representatives throughout Spain," the statement said.

The mosque received about 100,000 euros

" A portion of the income from this traffic was hidden with bank cards and other documents belonging to the, in the mosques of Ourense and Xinzo Limia ," the statement said. Those arrested include the imam of the mosque Xinzo Limia , which, according to the police, one of the leaders of the The mosque received about 100,000 euros of donations .

The imam of the mosque near the city of Ourense was also arrested in connection with this transaction . His name appears in the bank accounts used by the The police suspected of involvement in laundering the proceeds of the

Nearly one million articles seized

The police searched 117 locations across the country including two mosques , as part of an investigation started in September 2012 and conducted in collaboration with the Portuguese authorities. Police seized nearly a million counterfeit bank cards as well as items , weapons and software containing the logos of some 200 trademarks . Police closed a dozen illegal factories where items passed were made in the north of Portugal.

This " dismantled the largest of manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit clothing in the Iberian Peninsula," the statement said. The authorities of both countries have stopped 65 people in Spain and 34 in Portugal. There are among those arrested 37 Senegalese, 34 Portuguese , 19 Moroccans and Spaniards 9 .